Café Pinot

Many chefs learned from the best teachers, their mothers. Sitting at mom’s elbow while  she whisked and stirred or diced on the chopping block provided inspiration to many to further their cooking skills.  Executive Chef, Kevin Meehan, at Café Pinot in downtown Los Angeles, admits that he enjoyed hanging out with his mother in the kitchen.

Cafe Pinot’s Executive Chef Kevin Meehan holds “the diamond in the kitchen”, exotic black truffles, which he shaves over his wild mushroom risotto. (photo by Jill Weinlein)

“I’d help her baste the turkey and prepare meals. My mom was a good cook and my dad was a fisherman, so I learned a lot from them,” Meehan said. We visited Café Pinot on an idyllic Thursday night, and sat outside on their beautiful patio with twinkling lights and olive trees. (Read more by clicking on Cafe Pinot, courtesy of the Beverly Press)

Published in the August 4, 2000 issue of the Beverly Press /Park LaBrea News via Café Pinot.

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