Mr. C Beverly Hills

The Cipriani family opened the doors of Harrys Bar in Venice in 1931. Perched along one of the canals just off the Piazza San Marco, their motto was to treat everyone who entered the bar special. Four generations later, the Cipriani family opened Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel, where they continue to provide the highest level of quality of food and service.

The lobby of the 137-room hotel is an elegant room, decorated with beautiful Italian furniture and a sleek glass pool table made in Australia. The chandeliers are hand blown and made in Venice, Italy. The rosewood cabinets and Italian tapestries blanketing the travertine floors give the room a European feel.

Before dining in the hotel’s restaurant, we noticed guests sitting in the lounge sipping bellini cocktails and nibbling on cicchetti (small snacks) plates of green Italian olives and pieces of parmesan cheese. One table shared a spectacular Parma ham tower with sliced melon and parmigiano.

Bellini’s were created in 1948 by Giuseppi Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar. He mixed Prosecco wine with white peach juice and the drink became Italy’s famous cocktail served at celebrations.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor across from the lounge. As we were seated towards the back of the restaurant, my husband commented about the low table and wood club chairs…very European.

The light pink linen tablecloth, Mr. C logo china, and white jacketed waiters with black bowties adds an elegant atmosphere.

Looking at the 11 page wine menu, it mainly lists Italian, French and California wines. We ordered two glasses of Italian Zonin wine. We learned it’s a family owned vintner since 1821. A Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir arrived while we studied the main menu.

Continue reading my review via Mr. C Beverly Hills. Courtesy of the Beverly Press/ Park LaBrea News, published on 1/16/12.

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