The Fat Dog in Hollywood

On Fairfax Avenue, a black awning displays The Fat Dog in white letters. Its a newer gastropub nicknamed after a chubby and beloved bulldog. The owners, Richard and Suzann Mandeville, hired London artist, Tobias Keene, to paint their adorable dog with his smushed snout and loveable underbite, and his work hangs inside the establishment. The glass and aluminum structure is softened with recycled wood flooring from a school in the Midwest and mellow colors on the walls.

It was a warm, sunny,  January day, so we opted to sit on the patio for lunch.

The Fat Dog is located in a multi-use building with the popular Lindy & Grundy butcher shop and the hip coffee spot, The Commissary. Above the retail stores is residential housing.

Since I’m familiar with The Fat Dog bar in Montrose, I was eager to check out the Hollywood location. The menus are similar, however this location has a few more items featured and is open for lunch during the week, brunch on the weekend and dinner until 1 a.m.

Suzann is from Sweden. When creating the menu, she insisted it include Swedish meatballs with baby gold roasted potatoes and a touch of lingonberry sauce. She has been in the restaurant industry for years as a server and bartender. In fact, she met her 6’11” husband, Richard, at “Garden of Eden” while working the bar.

Our friendly server, Lara, has worked at The Fat Dog for four years. She started in the Montrose location and helped open the Hollywood restaurant ten months ago. With a sweet smile, she welcomed us with a small bowl of almonds sautéed in olive oil, rosemary and chili peppers. The peppers give the nuts a pop of flavor.

To finish reading my review, click here via The Fat Dog. Courtesy of the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News.

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