Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant – Villa Blanca

I am one of those rare individuals who doesn’t have cable television. As a result, when my friends suggested we meet at Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca restaurant in Beverly Hills for lunch, I said “Lisa who?” I don’t follow “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, so my friend Toni filled me in on the reality television show.

Villa Blanca is located in a beautiful old art-deco building on the corner of Brighton Way and N. Camden Dr. White is the theme throughout the restaurant, from the floors to the tablecloths and the floral arrangements.

A young blonde woman approached us as we sat at our table and asked for our drink order. As she left, Toni whispered, “That’s Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter, Pandora. She just got married.” Lucky guy, Pandora is a real beauty inside and out. Her quiet and peaceful presence keeps the pace of the restaurant calm, with all the excitement of the paparazzi outside on the streets of Beverly Hills.

We started with a Caprese a la Villa Blanca salad. It arrived layered with three slices of firm heirloom red and yellow tomatoes dressed lightly with a balsamic reduction, purple basil leaf, large scoops of creamy Burrata cheese and sliced avocado. Purple basil is pretty, yet not as flavorful as the standard green leaf.

Read the rest of my review by clicking on this link courtesy of the Beverly Press. Published on 2/16/12.

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