UMAMIcatessen – Another Creative Endeavor for Adam Fleishman

There’s a new deli, groovy bar, gourmet coffee bar, donut shop and Umami burger restaurant located next to the historic Orpheum Theatre. It’s another creation by the innovative Adam Fleischman, Los Angeles based restaurateur and Chief Executive of Umami Restaurant Group. With his mega successful Umami Burger, Fleischman has branched out to pizza with his thriving 800 Degrees in Westwood Village. Now he has brought a brand new dining concept to downtown L.A., UMAMIcatessen. It’s a food festival-dining venue where servers bring you dishes from the five different kitchens.

Fleishman has an outstanding knack of attracting extremely talented people to work with him. Celebrated San Francisco Chef Chris Cosentino is the mastermind behind the first of five kitchens, PIGG. Cosentino has a flair for tuning offal (internal organs of a butchered animal) into gourmet fare. We tried his Cone O’ Cracklins made from thinly sliced pig ears fried crispy and served with a sprinkling of sherry vinegar and flash fried sage. They are crunchy and airy, a variation of a salt and vinegar pork rind and an ideal snack with one of handsome Adrian Biggs’ handcrafted cocktails. Originally, from one of Australia’s favorite vacation islands, Tasmania, Biggs’ beverage menu includes twists on classic libations to complement the savory UMAMIcatessen menu.

We tried the tropical Urban Trader with Bacardi rum, apricot liqueur, St. Vincent orgeat (made with almond milk, pure sugar cane, rose water and orange blossom), fresh pineapple and lime juice with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Another favorite was the Citrus Tree with rum, lychee liqueur, red and green grapes muddled with fresh lime and sugar.

Cosentino’s PIGG style fries arrived with pickled red peppers and topped with ham puree and brainaise. At first, I thought our server, Brian, said béarnaise. I love béarnaise sauce. I found out that Cosentino uses every part of the pig, including the brain. His brainaise is made from, yes, pig brain.

Read the rest of my review, courtesy of the Beverly Press Published on March 29, 2012.

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