Susan Feniger Taking it to the STREETs

Dining at Susan Fenigers STREET is an international, multi-ethnic adventure without leaving Los Angeles. Feniger, an accomplished award-winning chef for over 30 years, is a dynamic TV personality, philanthropist and cookbook author.

My group and I eagerly sat down at STREET to take an epicurean journey  on “street foods” around the world with Feniger and her sous chef, Kajsa. This dynamic-duo have created a new Spring menu that includes many of Feniger’s classic dishes with a twist on some modern vegan and vegetarian specialties.

Feniger is petite with a dazzling personality. She enthusiastically brought us some of her favorite dishes, including Laundry Day Fritters and Kaya Toast. The fritters are a New Orleans inspired snack. “Mondays are laundry days in the French Quarter. Women don’t have time to cook a detailed meal, so they make fritters with red beans and rice,” Feniger said. She enhances her dish with chorizo and a creamy hot sauce with scallions.

Feniger is also very proud of her Kaya Toast, which is a popular snack in Singapore and has been known to cure hangovers, according to our server. It’s made with coconut cream jam between two pieces of lightly buttered, toasted sourdough bread. Next to the tiny sandwich is a dark soy sauce with white pepper and a splash of vinegar. A softly fried egg rests on top. We were instructed to dip the sandwich in the egg yolk and soy/vinegar sauce before tasting. Wow! It’s a compelling blend of flavors with the sweetness of the coconut jam and savoriness of the egg. This is a popular brunch item at STREET.

Next, we snacked on an Indian-style crisp papadum chips covered with a green edamame hummus and tore leaves from a coal-roasted Greek artichoke, sprinkled with olive oil and flash fried oregano.

When the Middle Eastern date and kamut fritters arrived, I took one bite and wanted to save the rest for dessert. The fried fritters rested on a pool of slightly sweet yogurt with rose petals and sugary candied almonds.

Read more of my review, courtesy of the Beverly Press via Susan Feniger Taking it to the STREETs. Published on April 19, 2012.

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