National Pancake Week Starts February 21

(Photo Courtesy of Du-Pars)
(Photo Courtesy of Du-Pars)

National Pancake Week is February 21 through February 27. Here are some great spots to celebrate in Los Angeles and indulge with lot’s of syrup.

1.Restaurant: Du-Pars

This diner-style restaurant chain is based in Los Angeles, California. The first Du-par’s was founded in 1938 at the Los Angeles Farmers Market by James Dunn and Edward Parsons, who combined their surnames to create the restaurant’s name. In 2004, the affable W.W. “Biff” Naylor, the son of noted California restaurateur Tiny Naylor bought the restaurant chain and expanded in 2009 to include several Bakers Square and one Hamburger Hamlet restaurant into Du-Pars restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Bread & Butter PR
(Photo courtesy of Bread & Butter PR)

2.  Restaurant: Ox & Son with Chef Brad Miller makes a Chocolate Bacon Bourbon Pancakes w/ maple butter & bourbon syrup –

(Photo Courtesy of Little Dom's)
(Photo Courtesy of Little Dom’s)

3. The Restaurant Little Dom’s has Chef Brandon Boudet making Ricotta Cheese & Fresh Blueberry Pancakes w/ maple syrup –

(Photo courtesy of Everleigh)
(Photo courtesy of Everleigh)

4. Go to the Restaurant Eveleigh‘s Chef Jared Levy is making Spelt Hot Cakes w/ whipped butter, maple cinnamon – www.theeveleigh.com

(Photo courtesy of Pitchon)
(Photo courtesy of Pitchoun)

5. For France’s answer to the pancake, Angelenos can head to DTLA’s Pitchoun for a Classic French Crêpe with toppings such as Nutella, peanut butter, jam, mont- blanc, berries, and whipped cream – Pitchoun –


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