Beaming All Day Long

What do supermodel and television host Chrissy Teigan, Hip-Hop artist Common and singer Ellie Goulding have in common with me? We all visit Beaming for a midday pick-me-up or healthy meal.

The acai bowl of granola and berries is a source of energy, immunity and vitamin C. (photo courtesy of Beaming Cafe)
The acai bowl of granola and berries is a source of energy, immunity and vitamin C. (photo courtesy of Beaming Cafe)

Beaming’s owner Lisa Odenweller was a director at numerous Silicon Valley software companies including Oracle and Broadvision. She grew tired of climbing the corporate ladder and was inspired to change her lifestyle after attending a health and wellness conference. While learning how to cook and eat healthier, family and friends encouraged to open her own organic superfood cafe in Del Mar in 2012.

Her café promotes good health, happiness and vitality serving delicious and nutritious plant-based foods. With its success, she opened others in San Diego and Los Angeles. Now she has six cafés. The newest just opened on April 6 in the La Costa Equinox.

At Beaming cafe on La Cienega, customers sample juices at a tasting counter where bottles of juice rest in bowls of ice.

My favorite is the Balanced Green which aids in digestion, boosts immunity and is an anti-inflammatory. It’s made with all organic cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, fennel, Fuji apple, lemon and mint.

There are at least three pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in each of their cold pressed juices.

Beaming is not a juice-only café. They sell packed snacks, salads, flavorful soups, freshly made smoothies and elixir shots.

Many of the customers come in after a yoga, pilates or cycling class to pick up refueling items and bring them home, back to work or sip in the car.

Beaming (photo by Jill Weinlein)
Beaming (photo by Jill Weinlein)

I visited Beaming with a friend ,and we tried the Immunity antioxidant elixir made with alkaline water, coconut water, ginger juice, lemon juice, mint, cayenne and salt. It’s touted for its energizing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

For lunch we enjoyed a warmed carrot and ginger soup served with kale, quinoa, and a crunchy cashew nut topper. It had an earthy and pleasing flavor.

My friend preferred the chilled arugula curry soup. We tried two salads from the cold case. My favorite was the falafel salad with butter lettuce cups. The falafels are made with quinoa, pea, alkaline water, coconut oil, miso paste, oregano, flaxseed, brown rice crumbs, tahini, onion and garlic. The salad has sliced cucumber, pea shoots and Beaming’s lemon, tahini dressing with a dash of Good Maca hot sauce to give it a zing.

The second salad was a blend of spinach and romaine, sliced red cabbage, red bell peppers and tossed with Beaming’s teriyaki, sesame-almond and ginger dressing.

Throughout the juice bar are words of wisdom on the walls proclaiming, “The World is brighter when you’re Beaming.” Another from Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

One thing that bothered me was that Beaming has no reuse or recycle bins at the La Cienega location. After drinking a vitality shot of elixir, I felt guilty throwing the small plastic bottle away. In the trash were empty cold-press juice bottles, too. With Earth Day approaching, the Beaming team should reduce, reuse and recycle.

Before or after an early morning workout, the acai protein bowl is very popular. It’s made with organic, unsweetened, non-GMO Acai. Beaming’s superfood plant protein, is added to the homemade granola. What make this a superfood is the coconut butter, a natural fat burner. Also, the bowl is filled with antioxidants to give eaters energy, immunity and vitamin C.

For dessert we tasted samples of the superfood desserts. They are all gluten and dairy free and made with nutrient dense sprouted flours. The banana chocolate chip bread has 14 grams of protein. It’s made with a gluten-free combination of almond, chia, hemp and buckwheat. It was very satisfying, yet not as sweet as traditional banana bread.

We finished our lunch with a bright yellow vitality shot, aimed at achieving optimal wellness with a combination of nature’s most powerful preventive medicine and age defying secrets. It left us Beaming all day. $-$$

Beaming has three Los Angeles locations: 605 N. La Cienega Blvd., (310)299-7691; 1426 Montana Ave., (310)299-7622; 131 S. Barrington Ave., (310)299-7538.

This article was featured in the April 14 issue of the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News.

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