Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

One of my favorite episodes while watching the daytime Ellen show is when Ellen DeGeneres has her producer Andy and his intern walk through the Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights.” It’s hilarious watching Andy scream, cower and hide behind his intern, as characters pop out, strobe lights flicker and sound effects heighten all of his senses.

Recently I had the opportunity to walk through two of Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” mazes, inspired by two frightfully fun films. This year the iconic psychological thrillers – The Shining and Insidious: Beyond the Further will terrify guests and excite horror fanatics starting Sept. 14, 2017.


I met John Murdy, the Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.” While talking we realized we were both tour guides over 30 years ago at different times.

Since he had such a creative mind, he moved up the Universal Studios ladder and is now building the nation’s most intense and immersive annual Halloween event. For more than 20 years, guests from around the world have visited Halloween Horror Nights.


The all-new disturbing maze, “Insidious: Beyond the Further,” inspired by Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures’ Stage 6 Films, gives guests a peek into the upcoming supernatural thriller, Insidious: Chapter 4.

The creepy new maze will delve deep into brilliant parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier’s past, starting with a childhood in which her paranormal abilities emerged…until her mother’s untimely death by a demonic entity. Troubled by a lifetime of evil supernatural spirits trapped in the Further—a vacuous netherworld caught between the living and the dead—Dr. Rainier will take guests on an unsettling journey back in time through a portal into the Further…to defy the most depraved and intimidating beings that have tormented her since the 1950s.


Opening in theatres nationwide on Friday, January 5, 2018, Insidious: Chapter 4 is a Blumhouse Production, Oren Peli Production distributed by Universal Pictures domestically and Sony Pictures’ Stage 6 Films internationally. Directed by series newcomer Adam Robitel, the supernatural thriller is written by co-creator Leigh Whannell and produced by Insidious series regulars Jason Blum, Oren Peli and co-creator James Wan. The film stars Lin Shaye as Dr. Rainier, who faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet: in her own family home.

IMG_0666Be sure to go into “The Shining,” maze that is inspired by one of the greatest horror film of all time. There is also “American Horror Story: Roanoke,” based on FX’s critically-acclaimed, Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award-winning television series. Visit “ASH vs. Evil Dead,” based on Starz’s comedy horror television series, and “Saw,” based one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all time.


Also new is “The Horrors of Blumhouse,” based on Jason Blum’s blockbuster movies, The Purge, Sinister, and upcoming film, Happy Death Day.

Since guests enjoy being surprised and scared, “The Walking Dead,” at Universal Studios Hollywood has become a new permanent attraction. It’s inspired by AMC’s record-breaking television series.

The entertaining Jabbawockeez is an award-winning hip hop dance crew providing high-energy performance created exclusively for “Halloween Horror Nights.”

For more information about visit http://www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com.
Updates on “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood are available online at HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Hollywood and on Facebook at: “Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood,” on Instagram at @HorrorNights and Twitter at @HorrorNights as Creative Director John Murdy reveals a running chronicle of exclusive information.

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