Impacting Lives through Art

Imagine walking through the halls of your school and seeing brightly colored uplifting words: BE Positive, BE Kind and Thoughtful spotlighted on a wall. On November 13, the fast casual Mediterranean flavorful and healthy restaurant brand CAVA  sponsored renown muralist Ruben Rojas to help them paint and beautify some of the walls at Jackson Elementary School in Altadena, CA.


Cava employees volunteered to paint with Rojas, along with Nicole Landers Head of Business Development for Zola providing healthy coconut and sparkling waters, and Adam Von Rothfelder, the founder & CEO offering cups of his Strong Coffee.


Meeting Mike Schibel Brand Manager of CAVA, he shared with me – Be positive, kind and thoughtful are also the principals at their 75 restaurant nationwide. Schibel introduced me to Rojas wearing a t-shirt with the words “Beautify Walls.”


I discovered this native Californian started his journey studying pre-med, and then going into Real Estate and financial planning.  A friend noticed Rojas doodling on paper in his office and encouraged him to share his creativity and art with the world.

Students at Jackson Elementary helped Rojas paint

Rojas is a co-founder of Beautify Earth and his murals bring messages of love, inspiring social change and transforming communities. Standing next to Rojas, he showed me some of his art on his Instagram @rubenrojas. One was his colorful mural messages: “You belong here” painted on a wall in San Antonio Texas. Another “Imagine A World Without Them: Whale” on a wall in Ventura, CA, “This one represents the mother orca whale who carried her dead calf on her back for more than two weeks, to prevent her baby from sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor,” said Rojas.


Want to sponsor Ruben to help you make that difference in your own workspace? How about enhance a neighborhood you live or help change someone’s world? This artist can help spread your message through art, and make a lasting impact in the world. Contact him by going to his website – Ruben Rojas.


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