Caley Cosmetics – A Mother and Daughter Favorite

Yesterday Kate and I had the opportunity to meet another mother and daughter team – Annie and Cindy Holland-Rodriguez, founders of Caley Cosmetics. It’s a third generation beauty company and family affair.


Momma Annie worked with her mother Sue Holland to help women look and feel their best while selling cosmetics. This passion was passed down to Cindy. After earning a degree in Product Development and a B.S. in Business at FIDM in Los Angeles, Cindy worked as a designer in the fashion industry. After a couple years, she moved back to San Antonio, Texas to be part of her mom’s Caley Cosmetics team.

Both mom and daughter are natural beauties who wear Caley  natural makeup to highlight their pretty features. Annie is the technician who works in the lab with her son. They opened their lab in 2016, and became an eco-friendly facility in 2017. This year they launched their beauty line.

Walking into their pop-up on Robertson Blvd., in Beverly Hills, I noticed Cindy’s product development flair and touches created a festive and fun with a vacation vibe. There was a table of tasty treats that included fresh fruit kabobs and donuts adorned with pineapple crowns.

Annie invited us over to her table to help us make our own personal lip gloss. There were scallop shells filled with a variety of different hue mineral powders and little essence bottles filled with natural flavors to give the lip gloss pizzazz.

At another table, Cindy offered advice on the perfect lipstick shade, eye liner and eye brow pencil and lip liner for Kate snd me. Kate had so much fun finding the perfect shades for her skin coloring.

Here’s 5 Things  we like about Caley Cosmetics –

  1. Caley natural beauty products only use ingredients that score a 1 or 2 on the EWG toxicity scale in order to create products that are 100% safe.
  2. They are certified Leaping Bunny, because they believe animals are for cuddling, not for testing.
  3. Their products are made without any sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, artificial dyes, artificial fragrance and-parabens.
  4. No toxins allowed in their beauty line.
  5. The lipsticks and lip gloss smell and taste so good.IMG_5158

To learn more about Annie, Cindy and Caley Cosmetics, read their blog 



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