Universal Studios brings “Christmas in Spring” for MEND Families

Universal Studios Hollywood hosted its 28th annual “Christmas in Spring” event for 1,000 families at M.E.N.D, located in Pacoima, California.


Universal Studios volunteers welcomed families on Saturday, June 1, 2019 to an afternoon of games, healthy food and entertainment. To help with the event, Universal brought along some of their most beloved characters, including Hello Kitty,  Spongebob, the Minions, and even Santa Claus himself.


Throughout the M.E.N.D. outdoor area stations were set up to provide different activities for both kids and adults.


There was a basketball toss station, face printing, and a book area where young guests could take a book home.


Arts & Crafts were provided by A Window Between Worlds, a non profit organization dedicated to using art as a healing tool to empower and transform individuals and communities impacted by violence and trauma.


Food offerings included hot chicken, Mac and Cheese, vegetables and bowls of fresh fruit, colorful donuts, brownies and cookies.


M.E.N.D. helps 35,000 families in need from Sylmar to Van Nuys with dignity and respect. MEND’s mission is to meet immediate needs of individuals and families and increase their access to opportunities that strengthen their capacity to thrive. To learn more click on M.E.N.D. .

Universal Studios is located in Universal City near Hollywood. Here’s the link to learn more and purchase tickets – Universal Studios Hollywood.

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