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Did you know cashews offer a good source of 6 essential vitamins and minerals. According to Health News Today, “cashew nuts are one of the few food sources that are high in copper. One ounce of cashews contains 622 micrograms of copper. For adults aged 19 years and over, the recommended intake for copper each day is 900 micrograms. They also have magnesium, an important helper with the assimilation of calcium into the bone. Manganese, another mineral in cashews, has been shown to prevent osteoporosis in combination with calcium and copper.”

Karma – destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

According at the Karma Nuts website cashew skins offer nutritional benefits “much like potatoes or apples.” They claim that “Karma Nuts Wrapped cashews have comparable antioxidative activity to blueberries and twice the fiber of a traditional cashew.”

Founded by Ganesh Nair, whose family has been in the cashew business for 85+ years, Nair obtained his Masters in Health Science & Technology from MIT and saw an opportunity to develop an alternative to the oil-fried cashews that were on supermarket shelves.

In 2014 he developed Karma Nuts, a line of minimally processed cashews, and trademarked the Wrapped® cashew. In 2016, this new type of cashew was recognized as the “Best New Snack” at the world’s largest Natural Products show, Expo West.


The nutritionally-dense Wrapped® cashew offers a delightful crunch and has the skin of the nut intact. With this success, Karma Nuts has since developed many flavors of both Wrapped® and roasted cashews. Roasted are the more conventional “skin-less” cashews. They are all-natural, non-GMO project verified, vegan, and have kosher ingredients.IMG_6882

Flavors include:

Lightly Salted Wrapped cashews with their natural skin are air roasted to increases the crunch, and lightly sprinkled with sea salt to elevate the flavor.

For a little spice, the Peri-Peri Roasted cashews is made with an exotic blend of  red pepper, and chili spices that livens up your taste buds.

Golden Turmeric Wrapped blend the exotic flavors of chili, pepper and turmeric to create a savory and healthy snack.


Cocoa Dusted Wrapped are lightly dusted with a delicious cocoa coating and touch of pure cane sugar and vanilla. The ideal indulgence for your chocolate cravings, that gives you a nutritional boost.

Sweet Matcha Roasted combines the superpowers of savory matcha with hints of cardamom spice and vanilla to deliver an tantalizing sweet ‘n’ salty combo. Matcha’s health benefits include polyphenols that may reduce inflammation and fight cancer.

Toasted Coconut Roasted is enhanced with real toasted coconut and pure cane sugar,

Lime Twist Wrapped offers a perfect blend of zesty and tangy lime flavor.


Cinnamon Wrapped is sweet and savory with hints of cinnamon spice and vanilla.

The roasted cashews are air roasted without oil. All are available in 8 oz. jars and 1.5 oz. snack pouches. Check out Karma Nuts Recipes to enhance your culinary repertoire.

Karma Nuts can be ordered online and delivered to your door, and are also available at mortar retailers. In Los Angeles they are at Lassens, GNC Beverly Center, and Rainbow Acres.

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