7 Benefits of 4th & Heart Ghee

When I was approached to review 4th & Heart, an entrepreneurial company and leading ghee manufacturer in Los Angeles, I learned that they giving back to the community in multiple ways by fueling those risking their lives for our well-being.

The team at 4th & Heart is actively donating unused masks to local grocery stores and deliver services. They are also delivering their food products to local hospitals and first responders, including their wholesome, grass-fed ghee and energy protein bars.

They are also participating in the Ultimate BFY Shelter at Home “Box with Benefits,” partnering with the National First Responder Organization to ensure 100% of all proceeds benefit first responders, and donating products to the No Small Meals Plan.


Here is why ghee is a good substitute for butter:

  1. For practical reasons ghee offers high heat cooking, culinary inspired flavors, shelf stability.
  2. Ghee is made from grass fed dairy cows, and is packed with naturally occurring fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has been known to improve gut health and biochemistry.
  3. It also offers a natural source of Butyric Acid, which is naturally occurring in your gut. 4th and Flower Ghee, helps the body absorb nutrients from the food you eat.
  4. Ghee offers is a high smoke point.‌ When oil smokes, it becomes a trans fatty acid. Ghee has a smoke point of 485 degrees, so you can cook it without worry.
‌5. If you keep the container clean from debris and water, it can stay unrefrigerated and shelf stable for up to twelve months.

6. 4th & Heart makes their ghee in the traditional style, giving the soft and spreadable ghee a delicious, light, and buttery taste.

7. They include ghee in their chocolate-coated cookie dough energy Woke protein bars.  Made with non-GMO blend of grass-fed ghee, collagen, and whole egg for a source protein. This energy-rich, nutrition bar will satisfy between meals. The cookie dough offers an extra kick of cashew butter, cocoa, and vanilla bean ghee. It’s also lactose-free and naturally rich in fatty acids. The heavenly dark chocolate paleo Woke protein bar offers an extra kick of 4th & Heart’s Chocti ghee and vanilla bean ghee. “Chocti” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning change and empowerment. It’s a chocolate spread crafted from cacao, dates, and Madagascar vanilla bean ghee. 


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