Smart Sweets satisfies your Sweet Tooth

Smart Sweets mission is to kick sugar while keeping the delicious candy flavors you know and love. Smart Sweets founder Tara Bosch and her team spent 1000’s of hours in their Candy Kitchen, tinkering and experimenting to see how they could make recipes, for lower in sugar candy. Using cutting edge non-artificial ingredients they realized not only could they create delicious candy, but reduce the grams of sugar per bag. Traditional candy is made with 97% sugar.

They discovered a new non-artificial sweetener, Allulose to use in their  U.S products. Allulose is found in raisins and figs, and it has almost zero calories, and doesn’t affect the body like sugar does. Looking ahead to 2020, we will continue to disrupt the candy aisle by offering radically better alternatives to traditional candy.

IMG_7183 3

When they sent me a box to try their newer Smart Sweets Chews, here is what I discovered:

Packaging: Robin egg blue interior and in Bold white lettering – KICK SUGAR KEEP CANDY, as well as YOUR DAY JUST GOT SWEETER. Fun to send as a gift to any candy lover

Shape: Square – very similar to a Starburst, yet with 84% less sugar than the other chew.

Sugar: 3 grams of sugar for the WHOLE bag

Flavors: Strawberry, mango and watermelon

Click on Smart Sweets to see the other candies Tara and her team make in their Candy Kitchen. Great for Mother’s and Father’s Day, birthdays, showers and graduation gifts.


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