Autumn Rogue Ales & Spirits

Just released for the holiday season, Rogue Ales & Spirits, a craft brewery and distillery in Newport, Oregon is offering its first-ever whiskey canned cocktail – the Ginger Lemon Whiskey Mule. Ready to drink, just pop a can open and pour into an icy copper mule mug.

“It took us about a year to get it right and we’re proud and excited to finally introduce our Whiskey Lemon Ginger Mule,” said Steven Garrett, VP of Business Development. “This canned cocktail is made with a blend of 4 to 6 year old Rogue whiskey that was distilled and aged at the distillery.”

Other ingredients include ginger, lemon, simple syrup and sparkling water to create a refreshing balance of spice and citrus. Each can has a 7.5 ABV. They come in a four-pack in 12 oz slim-cans.

The shiny copper packaging evokes a celebratory feeling, while staying safer at home during Halloween and Thanksgiving. Rogue Sprits in a can also make great adult stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Other Rogue canned cocktails include: Cranberry Elderflower Vodka Soda, Cucumber Lime Gin Fizz, Grapefruit Vodka Soda and Ginger Lime Vodka Mule. 


Another autumn favorite that is available only is September and October is Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch Ale. It’s created with pumpkins grown at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. This Bronze winner at the Great American Beer Festival 2020, offers sweet malty notes with Rogue Farms-grown Sterling Hops, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Vanilla, Ginger & Nutmeg; Free Range. It comes in a 750 ml and on draft.

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