Ready to Drink High West Craft Cocktails

Since we can’t venture into bars in many states, it’s not as easy to enjoy a sophisticated craft cocktail. For those who miss sipping on an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, because they just don’t taste the same at home, as they do when made by your favorite bartender, The High West Distillery makes the most elegant and spirit-forward ready to drink bottles.

During the holidays, the bottles are so attractive, that they make wonderful gifts for your spirit-loving friends and family.

The High West barrel-finished Old Fashioned is simple, elegant and ideal for whiskey lovers. The complexity in the Old Fashioned is made with both straight bourbon whiskey and straight rye whiskeys, lending a hint of earthy-sweet corn and dry rye spice. They add a little unrefined raw sugar, bitters and a touch of orange extract to enhance full flavor of the drink.

Aroma notes include the essence of Cassia bark, licorice root, eucalyptus, orange spice tea, and sandalwood. Tasting flavors include orange cinnamon bun, dried cherry, sassafras, and allspice. The finish offers some hints of black pepper, cola and cinnamon. ABV / Proof43%/86

High West Distillery created ‘The 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan’ to commemorate Utah’s role in the repeal of Prohibition. This cocktail is aged an additional 90 days, allowing the flavors to integrate in a well-balanced harmony with the rye whiskey base. This ready to drink cocktail can be enjoyed on the rocks with a slice of orange or lemon wheel for garnish.

On the nose this aged whiskey offers the sweetness of red wine. Taking a sip, the first flavor is of muddled dried fruit, spicy rye whiskey and a cherry dipped in chocolate. The pleasing finish is of subtle spiced fruit offering a sweetness to the palate.

This Manhattan is made with Straight Rye Whiskey and Vermouth. ABV / Proof37% / 74. Price range $39.99 – $54.99.

The High West Barrel-Finished Manhattan is the ultimate classic cocktail providing harmony, balancing just the right amount of sweet, rich, bitter, and spice.

The time-tested recipe to make this “perfect Manhattan” features sweet and dry vermouth, a few dashes of aromatic bitters, and High West Bourbon and rye whiskeys. What adds depth and complexity is barrel aging to fully marry the flavors. This 74 proof ready-to-drink whiskey cocktail is 37% alcohol by volume and best enjoyed within 30 days of opening.

The aroma offers black cherry, strawberry, orange peel, molasses, cinnamon and sage. Once on the tongue there is a hint of cherry turnover, spiced apples and raisins, with a little rosemary and savory spice. The finish offers a balance of orange, dark chocolate and dried fig.

The award-winning High West Whiskeys from the West can be delivered right to you.

*Delivery available in select markets. An adult 21+ with valid ID must be present to sign for delivery.

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