An Elegant Spirit – Elegance Vodka

When I received a box with the diamond shaped bottle of Elegance Vodka inside, I was impressed with its packaging. The pure, lead-free crystal is blown into a unique shaped bottle that offers a “Wow” factor.  The crystal is polished by hand to a lustrous shine and hand-embossed with its own label.

It’s the world’s first ultra-premium, hand-crafted Vodka distilled 11 times from 100% Chardonnay grapes, sourced from the iconic Barossa Valley in Australia’s wine region. It’s blended to 80-proof using deep Australian spring water, and charcoal-filtered four times.  It’s sealed with a high-density electroplated gold cap finished with synthetic cork for the ultimate purity, smoothness and consistency in flavor.

Tasting notes include the aroma of vanilla, lavender and sweet berries. The full-bodied spirit offers the essence of white pepper, lemon zest and a hint of licorice.

Elegance Vodka is an award-winning, hand-crafted, gluten-free vodka that sells for $68. This spirit is the ultimate gift to impress your boss this holiday season. It makes an impressive gift for clients or that special someone who needs a little extra “gold” to show just how much you care. 

Elegance Brand’s has a diverse portfolio of innovative spirits symbolizing the ultimate luxury lifestyle. The award-winning Elegance Vodka won a Gold Medal at Los Angeles International Spirits Competition in 2019 and was given a coveted 96-point rating by Tasting Panel. 

To order Elegance Vodka in a shiny black and gold box with the diamond shape bottle resting on a satin and gold base, go to Reserve Bar.

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