Ready Set Jet Beauty Batons

Ready Set Jet is a new convenient beauty tool for those on the go!  Recently launched on U.S. Amazon Ready Set Jet Beauty Batons an all-in-one custom beauty regime. Build your own beauty itinerary with interchangeable beauty add ons; Just unscrew and replace each add on for a ready for the day ahead beauty baton.

Global beauty entrepreneur, author and activist Shalini Vadhera created Ready Set Jet’s easy, customizable, on-the-go beauty batons – think makeup and skincare together on one baton stick.

Gobal beauty authority and social entrepreneur, Shalini Vadhera.

More than just a beauty brand, Ready Set Jet also offers an educational lifestyle platform dedicated to empowering women globally through online certification courses in beauty and virtual experientials. After receiving the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the British House Of Lords, Shalini’s active call for women empowerment caught the attention of officials in the Indian Government, who then asked her to help disenfranchised girls and women in India. 

Every purchase funds career opportunities for girls and women and helps to empower the under-privileged female community in India. Through the Ready Set Jet Academy, the company will help train disenfranchised girls in the slums and villages to acquire the skills necessary to advance their lives and careers and break the cycle of poverty. The goal is to train over 100,000 women worldwide.

Here’s some of the batons and add-ons Ready Set Jet created:

  • HYDRATE AND GLOW: is the ultimate skincare companion, a travel-friendly beauty baton complete with our cleansing scrub and moisturizing balm. Give impurities and dull, dry skin the boot with a gently cleansing formula that leaves your skin radiant and hydrated. Use as an exfoliator or lip scrub.
  • GLOW BABY GLOW FACE BALM: Treat your skin to instant hydration, perfect as a lip or under-eye balm under or over makeup. Apply to dry skin to soothe chapping, cuts, scrapes and to tame flyaway hairs – all in one!
  • Made with anti-pollution marine botanicals: Ingredients include golden seaweed and sea fennel algae extracts. These products are vegan, paraben free and cruelty free.

SCULPT AND SHINE: Add depth and dimension to your natural beauty with our travel-friendly, multi-use complexion stick; Creamy, blendable and layerable to help you achieve contour for depth to accentuate your jawline, add depth to your cheekbones, darken your lipstick shades or use as eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEAUTY: Finish with a natural highlight above your cheekbones or place on the center of your lips over lipstick for a plumping effect. This makes a beautiful creme eyeshadow too.

CLEANSE AND PRIME: Start refreshed your with a makeup cleanser and primer duo. It’s a gentle cleanser to wash yesterday away effortlessly or for quick makeup changes. Lay the foundation for flawless beauty while evening out your skin tone and diminishing the look of fine lines and pores with the non-greasy primer. Use alone or under makeup.

Ready Set Jet are dedicated to changing the world with purpose by helping to end global poverty and gender bias. To learn how, go to Ready Set Jet.

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