Wear an Out + About Mask

I recently discovered the best face mask to wear outside. My friend Karen gave me two Out & About Supply face masks to try. She said “You will love the coverage and unique one-strap fit.”

Since life is very different during the Covid-19 pandemic, Los Angeles based Kathryn Hampton, owner of local interior design firm K2S Studio, and Dickey DeBiase, Out + About Supply, applied their years of experience and resources in new ways to create comfortable and stylish masks. 

Here’s 5 things I like about their proprietary “one-strap wonder”:

  1. The tightly-woven cotton fabric has been deemed by health experts as the fabric offering the greatest protection second only to N95 masks
  2. It’s unique and full coverage fit on my face. The one-strap goes under my hair and holds in place behind my ears. There is an adjustable area on the strap for a snug comfortable fit.
  3.  Washable and eco-friendly.
  4. Made in Los Angeles
  5. I can loosen the strap when exercising outdoors alone, and pull my mask up and tighten the fit when another person is nearby. Best of all I can lower my mask below my chin, instead of taking the mask off and leaving it on a dirty table, chair or in my purse. It is on me, ready to pull up for full coverage when needed.

The creators are giving too! A portion of each sale will go toward building recreational space in underserved communities through The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust.

The new Los Angeles-based online company, Out & About Supply set out to design and create a collection of luxurious and stylish masks, blankets, totes, hip bags, and duffel bags to promote mental well-being by encouraging people to safely enjoy the outdoors for a walk, hike, picnic, small gathering or a weekend away.

To see their website and order, go to Out & About Supply.   

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