The team at the popular canned cocktail brand, Ohza, got creative during the holidays while introducing their Ohza Cranberry Mimosa. They partnered with celebrity chef Ben Robinson on Bravo’s hit series, Below Deck.

Together they created an easy, one pot recipe for #saferathome chefs. The team shared his live cooking demonstration and Ohza Cranberry Mimosa recipe on their Ohza Instagram @ohzamimosas and @benstogram. It’s perfect timing to make a cranberry sauce to serve during Christmas and NYE meals.

The Ohza team sent me a box filled with their Ohza canned Cranberry Mimosas, two oranges, a fresh ginger root, and a package of Ocean Spray Craisins. Chef Ben also autographed one of his popular aprons to include in the box.

Throughout the very entertaining cooking demonstration, we learned more about the chef who is accomplished both on land and at sea. When on land, he worked under Italian master chefs in Florence and gained an apprenticeship at three-Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom. He said working at the #1 restaurant in the world ‘opened his eyes to modern cuisine, plating, and structure.’

Courtesy of Ben Robinson

Ben sailed the seas as head chef on yachts for over ten years, including the largest sailing yacht in the world. 

Born in Oxford, England he attended boarding school when his parents moved to the U.S.  He currently resides in south Florida. One of his fans said he is losing his British accent, and Chef Ben laughed and said he attributes that to living in America and his American girlfriend Kiara.

The partnership with Chef Ben and Ohza’s Cranberry Mimosa flavor makes sense. Both share similar backgrounds and origin stories. Ohza was dreamt up on a small boat off of Cape Cod, the same place where Chef Ben grew up and cultivated his passion for cooking. Both are self-proclaimed experts in the cranberry flavored profile. 

Photo by Jill Weinlein

The receipe calls for the following ingredients for CHEF BEN’S CRANBERRY MIMOSA SAUCE:

10 oz Ocean Spray dried cranberries “Craisin”

2 cups of Ohza Cranberry Mimosa

1/2 to 1 cup of sugar (start with 1/2 a cup and add depending on how sweet you want your sauce to be) 

1 tbsp fresh grated ginger

1 tbsp fresh orange zest

1 tsp cinnamon or cinnamon stick

1 good pinch of salt


Add all ingredients to a saucepan and start with low heat. Mash and stir infrequently. After 10 minutes sauce should have little bubbles all around the sauce and be wet in consistency. Taste to see if you should add more sugar or more Ohza Cranberry Mimosa to the pot. It’s not boozy when boiled down, however if you add a splash or two after the pot is off the heat, it will provide a zing for adults. When you feel it’s perfect, pour into a stainless steel bowl, cover with Saran Wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours prior to serving.

Make a batch and seal them in jars to give as gifts to your friends, family and neighbors.

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