Wellness beLeaf Retreat to kick off 2021

Photo by Jill Weinlein

I just received my VIP beLeaf Retreat box filled with participating partners products to enhance the upcoming 2-day virtual retreat on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10, 2021. Inside the box were snacks and products with a plant-based twist. There was Ground Up chips, Laird Superfood, dairy-free Ripple, protein by Four Sigmatic, a healthy snack bar by Purely Elizabeth, facial mist with sunscreen by Coola, Thrive Market, Purple CarrotSplendid Spoontoasted coconut chocolate chip banana brittle by Banana gluten-free puffs by Vegan Rob’s and Good Sam small farm chocolate. Also inside the box was a custom journal filled with all the session information for the beLeaf Retreat.

Ready for a reset? Looking for a healthier lifestyle in 2021? beLeaf retreat is a fun, immersive and informative virtual weekend to inspire you to attain a healthier future. It’s a safe way to connect and play with others and your family while learning how to eat healthier, lessen your carbon footprint and make an impact on the environment. 

Leading plant-based brands, celebrity athletes, influencers and expert speakers will attend beLeaf retreat offering tools and content topics that include Health and Food, Environmental Impact, Value Systems, and Animal Empathy. 

This virtual, at-home journey through beLeaf’s custom-built, animated environment offers hands-on interactive workshops, accountability circles, product marketplace, and VIP experiences delivered by engaging leaders and influencers. 

“At a time when connection has never been more important, beLeaf provides a unique opportunity for us to virtually join together in meaningful discussion about what matters most–our deepest values, beliefs and lifestyle choices,” said Amanda Cey DeMonaco, Founder & CEO, beLeaf Retreat. “We’re thrilled to be supported by world-renowned brands, athletes, authors, and influencers that share our passion.” 

Instagram @beleafretreat 

The retreat is also proud to collaborate with some of the biggest celebrity advocates in the plant-based space including professional athletes, Gabrielle Reece, Hannah Teter, and Leilani Munter. Influencers include Toni Okamoto (Plant-Based on a budget), Michelle Cehn (World of Vegan) Ed Winters (Earthling Ed), Martin Skadal (World Saving Hustle), Jason Wrobel (Best Selling Author of Eaternit), Ruby Roth(Best-Selling Author of We Don’t Eat Animals), Kathryn Kellogg (Founder of Going Zero Waste), Stephanie Williams (Veganwhat), Gemma Newman(Plant Power Doctor UK), and Mark Brown (Author of Zen Pig).

beLeaf Retreat offers individuals and families the opportunity to assess their current value system and identify opportunities for growth. Building upon their current state, families can then align their values and “beLeaf System” to enjoy a healthier, more sustainable and empathetic 2021.

Instagram @beleafretreat 

Gain VIP access to the beLeaf Retreat immersive experience. Participate in live 2-day virtual experiences with 20 interactive sessions. Topics include ‘How a Healthy Mind and Body Can Help Us Achieve Our Dreams’ lead by Hannah Teter and ‘How Can We Best Support and Build a Healthy Immune System?’ led by Gemma Newman. Reimagin classic family dishes with Stephanie Williams and attend a VIP interactive cooking demo’s with top influencers Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn guide you to make a budget friendly vegan chili and cornbread. Also enjoy an adult-only cocktail hour. A VIP ticket is $225 per person or family.

The General Admission ticket is $125 and includes live 2-day virtual experiences, 18 interactive sessions, adult-only cocktail hour, family and adult only content tracks. Go to beLeaf Retreat for your GA and VIP ticket.

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