National Rose’ Day

Last weekend was National Rose Day and FIOL Rosé sent me a bottle to celebrate. Its their bold new pink Prosecco. FIOL’s co-founder Gian Luca Passi retails at $18.99 and can easily be shipped right to your doorstep via the brand’s new online store, and at select retailers.

Tasting notes:

  • The lively pink prosecco is made using the finest Glera (85%) and Pinot Noir (15%) grapes from Treviso, Italy. 
  • The Charmat method, which is widely associated with the Prosecco region, is used during production, creating the perfect bubbly sensation throughout the mouth-feel. 
  • With an inviting translucent coral color, FIOL Rosé gives off fruity aromas of raspberry and wild strawberry and hints of citrus lemon fruits and white flowers. 
  • On the palate, familiar notes of pear and apple dance around, while the Pinot Noir shines through, resulting in a harmonious palate with a persistent finish. 
  • FIOL Rosé is great from bottle to glass but it also creates a refreshing mixed drink such as a bellini, mimosa or our favorite, FIOL’s Rosato Spritz–recipe is below.

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