Sprinkles + Nguyen Coffee Cupcake

America’s first specialty Vietnamese coffee company, Nguyen Coffee Supply collaborated with Sprinkles bakeries to create one of the most flavorful Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes.

Nguyen Coffee Supply is the proud champion of the resilient robusta bean. Founded in 2018 by Sara Nguyen, to build a diverse and inclusive coffee culture for all. She views the collaboration as a full-circle moment, recalling enjoying Sprinkles cupcakes in college. “There’s a strong connection between the coffee and baking worlds, both as ingredients and as complementary experiences. As our company works to bring visibility and cultural integrity to the Vietnamese coffee industry, we’re thrilled for our collaboration with Sprinkles to celebrate Vietnamese coffee through an iconic cupcake brand,” said Nguyen.

Since joining Sprinkles in 2020, Chinese American Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Wong, has been cultivating a series of collaborations with chefs and founders for special, limited time only Sprinkles cupcakes. It’s a celebration of diversity through food. This is the second collaboration with Gold House to create a cupcake that shares Asian American flavors and treats across the country. 

The Vietnamese Coffee Cupcake is made with decadent coffee flavored cake infused with Nguyen Coffee Supply’s Loyalty Blend. The cupcake is filled with a creamy condensed milk buttercream and finished with coffee flavored frosting. It’s available at Sprinkles bakeries now through May 14.

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