5 Holiday Host and Hostess Gifts

It’s always nice to arrive to a holiday party with a gift for the host or hostess. Here are 5 gifts to bring to a party that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

For the Chocolate Lover – Give a Box of Chocodiem – For a sweet gift, order a holiday Chocodiem Gift Box. It arrives in a pretty pink and chocolate brown box filled with small batches of crafted Belgian Artisan Chocolates by chocolatier Jean-Paul “JP” Hepp. Boxes come in 3 to 12 piece gift boxes. Click here to learn more about Chocodiem.

Another chocolate that is a California Favorite is See’s Candies –  The beautifully wrapped red boxes are filled with over 100 different types of chocolates that include Nuts & Chews, truffles and other delights. Place your gift box in a festive $2 See’s Candies Christmas Tree Tote. Click here to see the closest store near you.

Bring a nice bottle of Herzog Kosher Wine – Drinking wine is a Mitzvah (good deed) and prescribed for many Jewish rituals. It’s essential during the holidays. During Purim, wine is the beverage of choice for the festive meal. On Passover, Jews are required to drink multiple cups of wine at the Seder. When invited to a Hanukkah dinner, be sure to bring a bottle of California’s Herzog wine. The Special Reserve Quartet, is a red blend offering notes of dark berries and a mouthful of vanilla and spice with finishing hints of dark chocolate. It’s made with 36% Petit Verdot, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Malbec, and 15% Zinfandel. Click here to learn more about Herzog Wine.

Marin French Cheese – A gift box filled with a variety of cheese will be a welcome surprise to your party host. Marin French Cheese is made from cow and goat cheese from Sonoma, CA. The fresh milk and cream is from family dairy farms. Here’s a peek at the cheese selection available to give to others. Click here to learn how to order this cheese. 

If your host or hostess loves to cook, give them a cookbook. The Grand Central Market Cookbook offers an exciting anthology of 80 recipes with nearly 160 photographs by Johnny Autry. It’s filled with a variety of food, people, and the neon signs that bring the GCM experience to life. Take a peek inside this cookbook.

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