Dreamscape Immersive Reopens in Century City

Dreamscape Immersive’s reopens at the Century City Mall on Thursday, May 6, 2021. Without leaving Century City, guests ages 10+ are once again transported on a mind-bending, heart-pumping adventure to faraway worlds. 

Before the pandemic, I rode Dragons Flight Academy, inspired by DreamWorks Animation‘s critically acclaimed film trilogy – “How to Train Your Dragon”, this interactive experience allowed eight VR participants a reserved time to experience the 20 minute journey together.

Closed for over one year, I wondered how this fun, family activity would reopen. I learned that in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all, Dreamscape has added enhanced cleaning procedures, social distancing standards, and mandatory masks wearing for guests and employees.  

Also, they are only selling private adventures, where one travels only with their trusted crew.  Just purchase two or more tickets per experience and the POD is all yours. Tickets are available for presale now for $23.50 online.

The adventure begins the minute you walk into the flagship Los Angeles Dreamscape, near Eataly and step inside a replica of a train station.

Bruce Vaughn and Walter Parkes

“At Dreamscape, our goal is to create the ultimate immersive experiences that allow our customers to enter into, and in this case fly into, worlds that they never dreamed possible,” said Walter Parkes, Chairman, Dreamscape and Producer, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy. ”

Bruce Vaughn, CEO Dreamscape Immersive is living his dream of animation and movie magic. Ever since he was 12 years old watching the first Star Wars movie, he knew he wanted to create stories and experiences for people. Now he has taken his dream to a new level with his Dreamscape vision, creating virtual 3D environments, enabling people to become the star of their own movie adventure.

Christina Lee Storm, Producer, DreamWorks Dragons Flight Academy, DreamWorks Animation said, “The thrilling adventure will bring guests to new heights in a fun, wondrous way that will inspire repeat visits.”

Click here to reserve your Dreamscape ride. Other Dreamscape Immersive Theaters open includes Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH; NorthPark Center in Dallas, TX and Mall of the Emirates, Dubai UAE.

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